About Us

Chester & District Badminton League facilitates competitive badminton between clubs located within a 15 mile radius of Chester Cross.

For the 2019/20 season there were 18 clubs with 33 mixed teams (4 men & 4 ladies) in 4 divisions. We also operated an informal men's league with teams of 4 men. There was no badminton in 2020/21 because of Coronavirus.

For 2021/22, even though some members were not feeling quite ready to return to badminton, we are pleased to say we had 21 clubs fielding 38 teams in 3 mixed and 2 men's divisions. And, despite COVID challenges, very few matches had to be cancelled.

We are now in the process of developing the league structure for the 2022/23 season.

If you are interested in playing competitive badminton please go to the Clubs page to find a club near you and contact them directly.

chester cross
Chester Cross by S. Love